Book Review – 40 Ways To Travel Better: Your Complete Guide To Maximize Time, Money, & Energy

Coffee, a good read, and a cat paw
Coffee, a good read, and a cat paw

Living in the Midwest of the U.S., it’s imperative to have some “winter reading” to get through times when it can even be dangerous to be outside. If the book is about traveling to places where you can go outside, that’s even better. So I jumped at the offer to review Kristin Blake’s book, 40 Ways To Travel Better: Your Complete Guide To Maximize Time, Money, & Energy.

About the Author

Kristin Blake is the founder of Round Trip Travel, a travel and lifestyle blog that will not only help you satisfy your wanderlust, but to seek authenticity as you do so. She shares the parts of travel that she finds fulfilling, the little moments she relishes, and the not-so-glamorous parts that you won’t find on most instagram feeds. Her journalism background and beautiful photos add to the recipe to make a blog worth following.

What It’s About

Consistent with her blog, Kristin’s 40 Ways To Travel Better provides practical travel advice in a way that’s relatable, vulnerable, and non-judgmental. One of my favorite stories from the book (mostly because I can picture it happening to me!) is her account of walking away from a coffee shop, only to be stopped by one of the servers. She had forgotten that in France you pay after finishing your coffee rather than before, and hadn’t done so on her way out. With these stories, she normalizes that travel is humbling and that we all make mistakes. She also reminds us that it’s probably not worth beating ourselves up about. On the other side of the coin, Kristin urges readers to push themselves personally so they can get the most out of their travel. It’s all about the balance.

She also gives helpful tidbits throughout. I’d never heard of PackPoint, which she recommended and is now one of my favorite travel apps. It even predicts the weather of where you’re going and recommends that you pack accordingly! I also love the tip of reading a book set in the place you’re visiting either before or during your trip.

Who It’s For

40 Ways To Travel Better is a quick, fun read for anyone interested in traveling more, whether it be for a week or a year at a time. I particularly recommend it for first time solo travelers.

Want to check it out? Choose between the e-book or hard copy here.

**I was asked to review Kristin’s book in exchange for a free copy. I am not receiving any compensation if people choose to purchase her book.**

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