Virtual Tour of Paris

I don’t know about you, but I’m already bored. As someone who likes to travel both near and far, this period of social distancing has launched my wanderlust into overdrive. I’m not sure when travel will actually be on the horizon (I’m hoping our family trip to the north woods of Wisconsin and Minnesota will still happen in June), but in the meantime, a girl can dream of going to Paris.

Fortunately, there are a number of free virtual tours available. I’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best ones of Paris. Shout out to Google Arts & Culture (download that app if you haven’t already!) and Google Earth for a number of these.


View from the top of the Eiffel Tower


Paris Opera Houseéra-national-de-paris/MwFixmW5o_f5jw?sv_lng=2.33164307268342&sv_lat=48.87215089180122&sv_h=183.0941678795968&sv_p=0.000003394172608750523&sv_pid=yhSFWB9ONtfp29xwyB2BTw&sv_z=0.9999999999999997


The Louvre

Pro Tip: To see the Mona Lisa in its actual size, download the Google Arts & Culture App, click the camera icon, hit “art projector,” and follow the instructions.


Musee d’ Orsayée-d’orsay-paris/KQEnDge3UJkVmw?sv_lng=2.327089926444344&sv_lat=48.85968476784497&sv_h=252&sv_p=0&sv_pid=FjndSjvl55w81vbNYu5DfA&sv_z=0.9999999999999997


Notre-Dame Cathedral,2.34973028,61.95696537a,303.99660516d,35y,80.45727491h,59.99717537t,0r

Pro Tip: For those with kids (or those who are kids at heart), watch The Hunchback of Notre-Dame on Disney Plus or rent it from the platform of your choice.


Arc de Triomphe,2.2950275,86.83115866a,666.39347455d,35y,0h,60t,0r/data=KAI




Palace of Versailles


Sainte Chapelle,2.34490742,60.43511448a,204.15109965d,35y,39.68197585h,59.99639805t,-0r

Pro Tip: Download the Sainte Chapelle Windows app to get an up-close look at the stained glass windows. Just make sure you’re using a credit card with no foreign transaction fees if you opt for the version that costs 1 euro.





Boat ride on the Seine



Still wanting to explore? Find 360 degree views of iconic Paris spots here:


What virtual tours did I miss? What are your favorite Paris spots that I could find on Google Earth? Let me know in the comments! Like this post? Do me a favor and pin the image below.



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