About Me

I’m Megan: a traveler, adventure-seeker, animal lover, vegan, reality TV junkie, and wine enthusiast living in Madison, Wisconsin. I also have a 9-5 that I love and being a digital nomad doesn’t feel realistic (or even appealing) to me. This blog is mostly about my travels around a full time job, maximizing my vacation time as much as I can and traveling local on the weekends.

You may notice that I’m cheap (ahem- thrifty) and that my posts will often contain tips for budget travel and taking advantage of all the free activities an area has to offer. I also have dietary restrictions and give some special recommendations for those who know the pains of packing granola bars in their bag just in case.

Traveling nationally and internationally is a privilege; as a dear friend of mine put it, it’s often the intersection of time and money. Since I do not have an abundance of either of these things, I hope that my writings will inspire you to feel like travel is possible as long as you prioritize it.