About Me

I’m Megan: a traveler, adventure-seeker, animal lover, vegan, reality TV junkie, and wine enthusiast living in Madison, Wisconsin. I have a full time job that I love and being a digital nomad doesn’t feel realistic, or even appealing, to me. That being said, I also have an incurable wanderlust and am always planning my next adventure, at home or abroad. I can’t see a stranger with a suitcase and not wonder where they’re headed or be envious of their upcoming travels.

Since I can’t travel nationally or internationally quite as much as I would like, I try to take advantage of my beautiful surroundings in Wisconsin and the Midwest. On random weekends you might find me getting my big city fix in Chicago, visiting friends and family in La Crosse, Milwaukee, or the twin cities, or hiking up a bluff somewhere.

You may notice that I’m thrifty and that my posts will often contain tips for budget travel and taking advantage of all the free activities an area has to offer. I also have dietary restrictions and give special recommendations for those who know the pains of packing granola bars in their bag just in case.

Traveling is a privilege; it’s often a rarely occurring intersection of time and money. Since I do not have an abundance of either of these things, I hope that my writings will inspire you to feel like travel is possible as long as you prioritize it.

Thanks for visiting and safe travels!

~Megan / Suitcase Envy

Witch's Gulch in the Wisconsin Dells
Me Checking Out Rock Formations in the Wisconsin Dells