A Tourist’s View of London in 25 Photos

There’s no shortage of resources about the many tourist attractions in London. At the same time, many of these sights are worth visiting, even for folks who usually prefer places that are more off-the-beaten path. Here are 25 photos to inspire your sight-seeing, along with a few tips. To find out whether or not you’d benefit from buying a London Pass, read this post

1. View from the London Eye

A standard entry ticket to the London Eye with one, 30-minute rotation will run you about £22. Other than the cost, the largest downsides are that the capsules are crowded and the lines are long during peak travel season. My travel buddy, Alicia, and I decided to splurge on a wine tasting ticket that gave us quite a few wine samples while rotating around the eye twice. The capsule had far fewer people on it relative to the others, which was a nice bonus. You also get to wait for your London Eye experience inside with snacks, rather than in line. There are various tours (wine, champagne, chocolate, etc.) that run from £35-40.


2. Looking up at Big Ben


3. The Tower Bridge, from inside the Tower of London


4. Westminster Abbey


5. Drinking local cider


6. Queen Mary’s Gardens


7. A copy of The Times in the Sherlock Holmes Museum

I really enjoyed reading The Times while in London. One thing I did not particularly enjoy, unfortunately, was the Sherlock Holmes Museum. It costs £15 for a walk-through that took me only about 15 minutes. Plus the life-sized figures based on popular Sherlock Holmes stories kind of creeped me out. I recommend taking a picture of the sign on Baker Street (see below), visiting the gift shop, and moving on.


8. The London skyline and HMS Belfast


9. Tea Time

Specify what kind you want or the server will likely assume you want English Breakfast tea.


10. In the courtyard of the Tower of London, where Anne Boleyn, Sir Thomas More, and others were beheaded


11. “Tofush” & Chips at Coach & Horses (in Soho)

Okay, so maybe this isn’t on everyone’s list of top tourism sites in London, but I highly recommend it for vegan travelers.


12. Otters at the London Zoo


13. Inside the Tower Bridge


14. The “Map Room” at the Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms were not initially on my to-do list when planning a trip to London. However, I went after learning that it was included in my London Pass, and I was not disappointed. A highlight is the map room, which still remains exactly as it was in 1945.


15. The London Eye from Jubilee Gardens


16. Guardsmen at the Tower of London 


17. The courtyard at Westminster Abbey


18. The gates of Buckingham Palace


19. Changing of the Guard


20. Big Ben from the Westminster Bridge


21. Big Ben and the British flag


22. The Beefeater Gin Distillery

Though this distillery is relatively out of the way, it’s affordable, fun, and includes a gin & tonic. It’s also one of the destinations where a London Pass is valid. Free gin with a London Pass? Yes please!


23. Baker Street

221 Baker Street was the address of Sherlock Holmes. See my mini-rant about the Sherlock Holmes Museum above.


24. A red phone booth

Also be on the lookout for the newfangled WiFi booths.


25. British-looking buildings and flowers


Do you have tips about the attractions pictured? Post them below!

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