Exploring Puerto Rico: Adventurous Day Trips from San Juan

Cueva del Indio is a bit off the beaten path. Locals seemed impressed that we had been there and tourists looked at us confused when we mentioned it. Though it came up as a recommendation on a number of travel sites, I can see why tourists might pass it up: we took windy roads much of the way there (I kept promising my husband we were only 10 minutes away) and Google Maps didn’t seem to have any idea where we were going. However, you’ll eventually see signs for Cueva del Indio, and you’ll even pass a few beaches on the way (such as the black sands of Playa La Boca).

Visiting Oban & the Scottish Islands

Oban (pronounced “oh-bin”) is a sleepy little resort town on the western coast of Scotland. My travel companion and I were drawn here primarily for the tours of a few nearby Scottish Islands but found a few gems that made me glad we stayed a couple nights. To make it nearly impossible to get lost, pretty much everything is on Breadalbane Street.